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The French Verb Chart Workbook 1 is designed for beginning to intermediate students and contains 68 essential verb charts.

Mastering the art of conjugating the French verb requires learning an enormous amount of information – regular and irregular verbs, infinitives, personal pronouns, moods, simple and compound tenses, stems endings, auxiliary verbs, past participles – for all 14 tenses. In order to learn all that without becoming overwhelmed, confused and discouraged, it is absolutely essential to have a system!
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About Daniel Weidman

A lifelong educator and devoted Francophile, Daniel has taught French for four decades at university, high school, middle school and elementary school levels. Inspired by his own high school French experiences, he has shared his passion for the French language and culture with thousands of students. He is dedicated to seeing that his students – young and adult – succeed and have confidence in their speaking, reading and writing abilities.
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