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About Daniel Weidman

A lifelong educator and devoted Francophile, Daniel has taught French for four decades at university, high school, middle school and elementary school levels. Inspired by his own high school French experiences, he has shared his passion for the French language and culture with thousands of students. He is dedicated to seeing that his students – young and adult – succeed and have confidence in their speaking, reading and writing abilities. He has traveled, worked, taught and lived extensively in France, Switzerland, Italy and the United States.

As a result of his many years of experience, Daniel has developed a unique and highly successful approach to the study and command of the elusive French verb called The French Verb Chart. Proven over and over again in the classroom with students of all ages, The French Verb Chart is a system that all students of French should employ. Daniel has proven that structure, method and a system for learning can take the mystery, fear and frustration out of one of the most complex aspects of learning the French language – verb conjugation.