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248 pages
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About the Book

The French Verb Chart Workbook 2 is designed for intermediate to advanced students and contains 74 essential preprinted verb charts.

Mastering the art of conjugating the French verb requires learning an enormous amount of information – regular and irregular verbs, infinitives, personal pronouns, moods, simple and compound tenses, stems endings, auxiliary verbs, past participles – for all 14 tenses. In order to learn all that without becoming overwhelmed, confused and discouraged, it is absolutely essential to have a system!

The French Verb Chart is the only systematic, hands-on, organizational working tool that offers students of French of all ages and levels the opportunity to master the art of conjugating the French verb by creating their own reference sheets of verb conjugations as they work their way through the process one infinitive, one personal pronoun, one corresponding verb form, and one tense at a time.

The French Verb Chart is a working tool because students will write and record verb conjugations on it, view and review it over and over again until committed to memory.

The act of writing as well as the structure and methodology of the chart assist the student in committing the conjugation to memory and in visualizing each verb’s conjugation. The Chart also helps to keep all the written conjugation information learned in one, easy-to-find place. As the student progresses and learns new tenses, the conjugations of previously learned tenses can be easily reviewed because they are right there on the one Chart.

The intent of the French Verb Chart is to use the same verb chart for each verb from beginning to intermediate to advanced level of study – the Chart becomes more complete as the student learns more tenses over time. The format is systematic, consistent and easy to understand and will never be outdated.

Using The French Verb Chart, my students have enjoyed a sense of accomplishment, completion and satisfaction knowing that they have mastered the art of conjugating the French verb – and yours will too!